Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Cousin got married!

I was so lucky and really more blessed to be able to go to my cousin Kim's wedding. I also was so fortunate to get to meet her guy, David, a few times before the ceremony. They are so happy together. I couldn't be happier for them.

My girls and Tyler came with me. We spent the weekend in Colorado with no luggage. We had such fun. Brunches, pedis, manis. dinners, cousins, uncle, aunts, sisters, etc. A fantastic time. Here are a few of the fun pictures from the wedding.

Here we are getting ready. I got to do hair all morning and was happy happy.
Isn't Kaylyn stunning?!!

 In the chapel.
 Tyler got a brand new suit and tied himself a fancy tie knot.
 Love him. I just do.
 This is my family.
 All of my Mom's grandkids minus Thomas plus Leo. Leo thinks he's one of us and we are ok with that. He is a treat to be around.
 My little.
 I asked someone to take a picture with my camera of me and my extended family. This is what I got. Isn't it crazy? It's also very telling of how people felt about pictures.
 The reception.

The Mr. and Mrs.

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