Saturday, November 19, 2016

As political as I'll get.

I voted. I watched election news, discussed with my kids and Dane, stayed up all night on election night. I would say I enjoy all aspects of politics. However this year was hard. Dane has gone on election night and his parents had just left that morning. So a tradition that I started the last 2 elections got pushed aside. But thanks to the world protesting and dragging it on a little longer I can do our little election tradition on Inauguration day. What I've done is created a DINNER ballot. I'll put 3 veggies, 3 choices of main course, 3 bread types, and 3 desserts. I'll post the dinner ballot on the wall and we will vote on what to eat that night. Its kind of fun and things get mixed in different ways. Hopefully what I can teach my kids is that sometimes you get what you want and at other times it's tough to swallow. I invite you to join us on Inauguration day and go VOTE. Be creative. I'd love to hear your ideas.

My Cousin got married!

I was so lucky and really more blessed to be able to go to my cousin Kim's wedding. I also was so fortunate to get to meet her guy, David, a few times before the ceremony. They are so happy together. I couldn't be happier for them.

My girls and Tyler came with me. We spent the weekend in Colorado with no luggage. We had such fun. Brunches, pedis, manis. dinners, cousins, uncle, aunts, sisters, etc. A fantastic time. Here are a few of the fun pictures from the wedding.

Here we are getting ready. I got to do hair all morning and was happy happy.
Isn't Kaylyn stunning?!!

 In the chapel.
 Tyler got a brand new suit and tied himself a fancy tie knot.
 Love him. I just do.
 This is my family.
 All of my Mom's grandkids minus Thomas plus Leo. Leo thinks he's one of us and we are ok with that. He is a treat to be around.
 My little.
 I asked someone to take a picture with my camera of me and my extended family. This is what I got. Isn't it crazy? It's also very telling of how people felt about pictures.
 The reception.

The Mr. and Mrs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Jets Golfer

Kaylyn is the golfer in this family. She just finished her 2nd year golfing for her High School. I was lucky this year to be able to watch her much more than last year. I loved every day out there with her. Golfing is a gorgeous sport. Great views, beautiful weather, and time with my girl. Can't wait for next year. These pic are of her in her Navy uniform. Such a cute one, this girl is.

My Katie.

Katie is my companion to Kaylyn's golf matches. Katie has been nothing but a treat out there on the golf course with me. This time she let me take pictures of her. Other days it's talking or reading. And always it's cartwheels out there. Sure love her.

The End of Year 4.

Dane has now been the Bishop of Madison 3rd Ward for 4 years. We are on year five. When he was called I was thinking how fun it would be to take our family photo every year. I forgot in year 2015 so I used our Easter picture. I remembered in 2016 and we took that last week. 

April 2012-Day One
 April 2013
 April 2014-Easter Sunday rainbow.
 April 2015-Thomas on his mission
 April 2016-One year in our new home